PCP with Dad

This morning, I got up and got a shower. I called my PCP and they said that my regular primary care is booked for the day, but they could see me at the Banksville Avenue location in West Liberty. I said, “I will take it.” I had a 10 am doctors appointment. My dad said, he would take me to the doctor’s. When my dad arrived, he brought me blueberry oatmeal from Starbucks and an Iced Passion Tea, unsweetened. It tasted so good going down my throat. I felt so sick. I was so congested. I haven’t had it this bad in awhile.
When I arrived to the doctors, I signed in and waited. When the nurse called my name, she took me back, and I had step on the scale. I lost four pounds already due to having no appetite and being sick. She heard my cough and said, “Awwe babe, we will get you something for that cough.” I hope that was possible. I was miserable.
When the doctor came in, she told me that I did need to give the antibiotic some time to work. I agreed, but I need some symptom relief in the mean time. I can’t be miserable until this medicine decides to kick in. She examined my mouth and my throat, and said, your tonsils are a little red, but not alarming to me. Your ears look fine. I will give you an inhaler to help you breath and some cough pearls to help suppress the cough, so you can get some sleep.
On the way home, I stopped at the store again I had to pick up some feminine products. My monthly visitor as due on Monday, and I was hoping it was going to be late. I can’t be sick and have a period, so not ideal. My prescription wasn’t going to be ready for another 10 mins. I didn’t want to wait. I called Drew and he offered to pick it up after work.
When I got home, I laid up and my dad went back home. I was miserable. Drew came home with my prescription and beautiful white roses. I love that he is there for me and he makes me smile so big.  Drew and I watched Bad Mom’s Christmas and he made me soup. We just took it easy.



This morning, I stopped at Starbucks. I need to treat myself. On my way to my building I called my mom. Sometimes a girl just needs her mom. I needed my mom so badly. I told her about yesterday and I had a little cry with her. She talked me through it, and it helped. It really did. I need my mom sometimes. I am not afraid to admit it. As much as we argue sometimes, and sometimes things are intense, but my mom is my mom. I don’t know what I would do without her. She really is such a strong woman. I get my strength from her. Yes, there are things about me that are innate, my own. My mom is truly the best mother a woman could have. She is sweet and she is tense at times, but she owns it. I respect that. It took awhile, but I respect her too. There are times that I don’t, but I stick it out and stand by her. I have failed to stand by her at times, but I just hope she knows how important she is to me, and how much I truly do love her.
After I got off the phone with her, I felt better. I felt ready to take on the day, and I had a good feeling again. I went upstairs to my department, and unlocked the doors, and sat the computer. I began the start of my day. I know nothing will really get accomplished today. One more day to go, before holiday break. We get out at 1pm tomorrow. I am so excited! I can’t wait for this break. Now I am going to get organized and get prepped for things that January may bring, and just take it easy. I deserve it.
Tonight, I think we are just going to hang out instead of going to the gym. Drew has been fighting a cold and I don’t want it to get any worse. I know he needs to rest. Bath Fitter came over and fixed the calking in the tub. I wouldn’t be able to shower, when I got home, or tomorrow morning. Drew was having the worst day, as well. His car was having issues, and was going to need to be towed to South Park, where our auto body is located.
When I got back to Moon township, I stopped at the store and got Drew some soup, tissues, and gatorade. When I arrived home, I got Drew situated, made him some soup, and packed a bag to go to my parents tonight, so I could shower in the morning, and get a good nights sleep, since Drew has been sick, he as been congested at night, and it sort of was keeping me up, but i know it was because he was sick.
When I got to my parents, I relaxed in the living room with my dogs. I was glad to see them. My mom and I watched tv and my dad went to work. He will be retired, on Friday! I am so happy that he will be home with my mom soon. It felt so weird sleeping without Drew.


Coffee with my Mentor/Spring Courses

Finally Friday! around 11am, I met with my mentor, Jessica. She was assigned to mentor me in my job, if I were to need to talk about anything, or if I was stressed. This mentor-ship is a new thing that Linda is trying out with Nicollette and I since we are the new hires. I don’t know how I feel about it, but it’s okay.
Jess met me at my office, and we walked to Starbucks for coffee. We talked about my shingles, how I have been under a little bit of stress, my new office plans, and the job. We talked about how things are going for her, our plans for the weekend. She also told me about this 1 credit course that Freshman are required to take. It is an information session for Arts and Sciences. She said, she teaches this class once a week and gets paid $1,000. I said that is so cool! She said she would send me the e-mail regarding it, so I can apply for it in January.  I thought that was pretty exciting and good for my resume!
When I got back to my office, I got the e-mail regarding Spring Courses. The final proofs are up and we have until next Wednesday to submit any changes, so I pulled out the proofs that we had as rough drafts, and I went through and made sure each class was correct and the way we wanted it regarding times, classes, and locations. I found 2 errors that I needed to submit. I got the changes faxed over to registrar and I felt so accomplished. I was on a high. I had a huge relief off my shoulders when that was finished, but little did I know I wasn’t exactly finished.
After work, Drew and I made tacos for dinner and I told him about the A&S instructors position and he thought that would be pretty cool and supports me doing it. I said $1,000 extra dollars! Then we watched the movie My Cousin Rachel. It is a British movie, so you know I love British movies! It was a murder mystery type movie, as well. I was falling asleep. I am so tired from the week. I just wanted to go to bed. We decided to finish the movie tomorrow.

Shingles…They suck

This morning, I got up around 6:45am. I got a shower, and finished getting packed to go to my parents. I was not looking forward to going to the gyno. It is never a good time. When I arrived to the gyno, It took so long to be seen. I had an 8am appointment it was almost 8:30am, when the doctor came in to the room.
Before she examined me, she asked me my pain level. I said, “9.” She said, if it is a 9 how are you sitting up? I said, “Because this position is comfortable for me. It hurts when I lay on my right side, but not my left, and not when I am on my back. She said, “Okay.” I said, “I think I might be ovulating, but I cant be because, I have a week until my cycle.” She said, “Well you are here, for me to tell you what it is wrong. I am the doctor. Lay back for me, and we are going to keep these muscles relaxed, so legs straight.” she helped me take my feet out of the stirrups and I straightened out my legs flat.
When she lifted up the thin sheet that was covering me, she saw the red rashes on only the right side of my groin. She was like wow, look at the rashes and they are only on the one side. She started to gently press her fingers in the surrounding areas, and it was so painful. She said, “I am so sorry. I know you are in a lot of pain. You have shingles.” I said, “really?” she said, “Yes, do you have rashes all the way down?” I said, “I don’t think so.” she examined the other side of me, and under my legs. Then she covered me back up, then she said, “We are going to get you better. I am going to send some scripts to the pharmacy for you.” She helped me up and then she said, “If you want to go to work, you can go to work, or I can write you an excuse to stay home.” I said, “No I need to go to work, should I go to work?” She said, “Well doctors go to work every day, even if we have an IV in our back.” I said, “Okay, I will go to work.” She helped me sit up, and when she left the room, I got dressed and called my mom.
When my mom heard the news, she started to cry. She said, I feel so bad for you. I am so sorry. I wish I could be there for you. When I left the doctors, I got in my car and called Drew. He was shocked at the news as well. I drove to Starbucks and got a PSL. I needed it. I called Nancy, when I was driving to to Crafton, she felt so bad for me. She asked, if i still wanted to come in, and I said, “Yes. I am on my way.”
When I parked my car and got on the g2 into town. It hurt so bad to walk. I was fighting back tears, but pain is a sign that I am human, right? When I got on the 61 to Oakland, it took forever to get to Pitt. I should have stayed home, but I didn’t want to miss work. I was hoping for a relaxing day. I got most things that I needed to get done, yesterday.
When I arrived in Oakland, I got off the bus and walked into my building. I said, hi to Nancy. She told me that I need to not stress myself out, that shingles can spread if I don’t get them under control. I don’t want them to spread, this sucks. I then went into my office. I chatted with the work study for bit. I was hoping for no tasks today.
Presently, I am trying to make it through. I have cancelled our plans for the weekend, and I am just going to chill. I need to get through this. The pain sucks. I can’t wait to start the medicine this evening. I can’t wait to see my dogs. I am hoping 4:30pm comes around quickly.

A Case of the Mondays

This morning, I was so tired. I didn’t want to go to work, but I have to. I didn’t sleep well throughout the night. I am always so restless on Sunday nights. After I got out of the shower, I put on some jeans and a top. I didn’t even do my hair. I left it wavy and crazy. It was a gym day. I don’t care today.

When we got off the bus in Downtown Pittsburgh, a girl approached me got in my face and said, “Hello, I know you. You are that girl…” I smiled and turned my head. She stood right next to me and said, “Let’s see what time we got here. Let’s see what time we got here.” Drew is standing next to me the entire time, trying not to laugh. I got on the bus, and took a seat. Drew sat down next to me. He looked at me and whispered, “Did you make eye contact?” I said, “No, but it is kinda hard not to, when she is right there in my face.” he laughed and so did I. He asked, “Doesn’t her voice sound like something out of a horror movie?” I said, “Oh my God it does.” He said, “I have seen her on here once before.” Why is it always me?

When we got off the bus in Oakland, she was still on the bus. I hope she isn’t one of my students. When we got to the cathedral, we went to see if the fake starbucks was open, and it was not yet. Drew said, he was just going to grab coffee there. I said, “Okay, I am going to the real starbucks.” We kissed goodbye, and then off I went.

Once, I got to Starbucks, I had a free drink, so I went a little crazy. I got a Venti hot caramel macchiato, with an extra shot of espresso and an extra caramel, but fat free milk. I was going to wake up today. When I left Starbucks, I called my mom. We talked for a minute. I told her about that girl on the bus. She was cracking up laughing. When I got to my building, I hung up with her and then got the day started. I wasn’t sure what was on the menu for today.

As the day moved on, I was bit busy, but not really. I had some organizing to do and small tasks, but that was it. I made myself another cup of coffee. The machiato was good, but it didn’t wake me up. I made a blonde roast k cup and that did the trick. I am ready for the day to be over.

At lunch, I met Drew at Bellefield, and we went to the Payroll Department in Craig Hall to submit my loan forgiveness form, which they will mail back to me, once they have filled it out. I have to call studentloans.gov tomorrow and figure out why I am not in their system, when I have federal student loans. Nothing is ever easy for me.

Right now, I am counting down the minutes, until 4:30pm. After work today, it is a gym day. Miles to go before I sleep, unfortunately.

Interview at Pitt

This morning, I woke up and got shower, and got ready to go to Pitt. I was so excited. I left the house and drove to IKEA to hop on the 28X. I was so confident that I would do well on this interview, and I would have a real chance at this position. The bus ride in was a little rough, when I arrived in Oakland. I stood up when my stop was close, and lost my balance. I bumped into a hard surface and now have this bump on my leg and it is black and blue. It did hurt at first, but I had to shake it off.
When I got off the bus, I went to Starbucks and wanted to use my free drink reward, but the app on my phone wouldn’t work, but I still paid for everything, mishap number 2. When I arrived into the cathedral, I saw our favorite campus police officer, and my coffee girl, Marilyn at the fake Starbucks. They both wished me well and gave me a hug.
When I arrived on to Drew’s floor, I handed him his muffin, kissed him, and he wished me luck. I told him about what happened on the bus and he felt bad for me, and how my app at Starbucks wouldn’t work, and that I had to pay for everything, and couldn’t use my free drink. He was cool with it, and understood. I figured I would save my free drink for tomorrow.
When I left the Cathedral, I made my way to Posvar. When I arrived into the building, it looked so damn old. I went to the bathroom first, and saw that my period had arrived, a week early! I wasn’t prepared, thankfully it was light. I walked out of the bathroom and sat down on some couches, and ate my blueberry muffin and chugged my caramel macchiato. I am not really all that nervous, just ready to do this. I called Andrew’s mom and she and I talked for bit, before my interview. She gave me some words of wisdom, and I love her for it.
Around 15 minutes to 10am, I went the escalator. My interview was in the Department of Sociology on the 2nd floor. I looked around and was a bit confused at first. I thought maybe the escalators were like CCAC in the Northside, they only took you up every other floor. I did see the sign did say, second floor. So I knew I was in the right area. I walked around a bit, following the number sequence on the rooms until, I saw 2400 Department of Sociology. I walked in and there wasn’t a receptionist at the desk. I took a step further, and saw someone in her office. She looked up and said, “You must be Danielle.” I said, “Yes, I am.” She introduced herself. Her name is Patricia. She told me that we were waiting on Nancy, and Linda to arrive, so if I just wanted to hang out, and we can chit chat, until they arrive. I had some time to relax, and chat which as nice. Then, Nancy walked in and she shook my hand, and said, I knew you were going to arrive, right when I left to go outside for a minute. I smiled. She opened the door, and we took a seat in the chair’s conference room.
After some time, of kibitzing and learning about the department,; then Linda arrived, I stood up, and shook her hand. That is when the interview got underway. Nancy asked me most of the questions. Tell me about a time, where you had to do deal with this? And etc. typical behavioral questions. I felt very confident in my answers. Nancy said she used to temp around too, until she found a full-time job, and could emphasize with me. I was glad to hear that she was in my shoes at one point. Too many people forget where they came from, once they get settled in their careers.
At the end of the interview, Linda asked me if I had any questions, and I asked her, when they might be able to make their decision. She said, well hopefully we will know this afternoon. We have one more person after you, then we will have to check references, and the Dean will have to approve, as well as the Provost. Hopefully, in two weeks’ time, you will have an answer. I smiled and thanked her for her time. I know how slow academia works. The waiting game begins now. I was glad there was only one other person.
When I left the conference room, I walked to the music department. I called Drew on my way out of Posvar, and told him about the interview. He was happy to hear it went well, and is hoping I hear something soon. I hope so, as well. When I got off the phone with him, I called my mom, and she and I talked about the interview, and was glad that it went well.
When I walked into music, I waved to Matt, but made my way into Paula’s office, she gave me a hug and was glad to see me. I told her how the interview went and she was glad to hear it went well, and asked me about the questions they asked me, etc. I told her and she was glad to hear I had a chance to interview. After I talked to her for a few minutes, I went and said Hi to Frank. He is his usual self. He hopes I get the position. He told me what he was working on and was on his way out to go talk to Paula. Phil was out on summer hiatus, so I couldn’t visit him. I was bummed.
After I left music, I went to the bus stop. I was ready to get home. When I finally got on the bus, it was a packed ride home. People everywhere on the bus. Strange for so early in the afternoon, I thought. When I finally got home, I did some laundry and got ready to go the gym. I wanted to get a quick work out in before the weekend arrived. I had to cut my work out a little short. I had to take back my library books before they closed at 5pm, and I wanted to get home and get dinner ready for Drew.
When Drew got home, we had chicken with bread crumbs and a veggie. It was pretty good. We decided to go to Wal-Mart that night and get the stuff we needed for tomorrow. We were going to have some people over for the Pens Game. When I realized how much were buying, and our situation being what it is. I asked Anthony to bring two bags a chips since he was planning to come over tomorrow. He said, he would. One less thing we would have to buy.
When we finished up at Wal-mart, we had one more stop to make, and that was to Moon Beer and Pop for Less we had to pick up some beer for tomorrow. We decided on a case of Amstel, and a case of Summer Shandy. This place is our weekly spot. The owners now know us. It is so funny. We apparently drink a lot of beer. When we got home, we watched Black Sails, then it was to bed.

Paris and Louie

This morning, when we woke up we went to the gym. This was going to be the last day for me to go to the gym, since we were dog sitting, and I had a bridal shower to go to tomorrow, so I made sure I went hardcore at the gym.

After our workout, we went home got showered, and packed up the car we needed to get ready to head over to my parents. I could tell this was going to be the beginning of a long week ahead. Drew was already not feeling this. I wasn’t either, but what are you going to do? it is what it is.

After we packed up the car, we both took two cars to Starbucks for coffee, then to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a gift for Stephanie. Drew was moody and his attitude was getting on my nerves. I was trying to ignore him, but it was hard that day. He was tired, long week, and knew it was going to be a rough week with the dogs. I had the same thing, but at the same time I have to get through the day. We decided on a turkey carving kit for Stephanie and Mike, whatever.

Once we got to my parents, we noticed there was poop in the hallway between the kitchen and the living room, let the games begin! I picked up the poop, took the dogs outside, they were too excited to pee. We unloaded our cars and put our stuff in the house. Once we got settled, we sat down with the dogs for bit, then decided to get out for dinner, and go to the Hop House. We love going there when we are in Crafton. It is like our cafe, in Crafton except no free beer, samples, and roadies!

While we were at the Hop House, we had a few beers, ate some good food, and conversed about the week ahead, the plan, and my parents. I was feeling a little loopy when we left there. I was ready for the week, I guess. When we got home, we watched Fifty Shades Darker. I loved it. It was good, but the first one is better. I will be sad when the movies end. One more left, Fifty Shades Freed! After the movie, we took the dogs out one last time, then it was bed for us.