Cousin Amanda’s for Lunch

When we arrived at my cousin’s, I noticed she had blue hair! My uncle Tom is Mr. Conservative, but it seems like Amanda is her own person, which I love and admire. She colored her hair blue, because she was bored and needed to do something different. I can imagine it probably is hard when your a mom, and you get bored with yourself, or whatever.

When I walked into their kitchen, I saw my newest little cousin sitting on the floor, I quickly picked her up and held her for most of the time we were there. I think Olivia got a little jealous, that I wasn’t making a fuss over her at first. I did a little, just not as much as the new baby. I am sure it must be hard, but at the same time she is the newest one and so little! I did show Olivia Snapchat and we had fun with the filters. She is so hyper! Liliana on the other hand, is Miss Independent. She does her own thing, and goes outside and sings on the porch and plays independently. She could careless.

When I finished feeding Isabella, I was about to eat lunch. We had chicken with onions and capers, as well as salad, and fruit. It was light and yummy. For dessert, there was Peace Love and Little Donuts. It was fun to be there together as a family. It has been so long since we were all together. I hope to see them again soon.