Gym Day

After work today, I dreaded going to the gym. I knew it was coming and it was inevitable. When we got off of the bus, we went home, changed, and then I went to the gym. We drove separately. I had to get gas afterwards. I meant to go before, but I was on autopilot and didn’t.
When I arrived to the gym, they changed everything around. The ellipticals were in front of the treadmills and where the elliptical were the bikes are there now. However, if you are on the elliptical you have a better view of the TVs now, which may encourage me to stay on the elliptical longer! After 30 mins on the elliptical, I got on the stair master. I knew I was going to hate it.
Once I climbed up the stair master machine, I started it on a manual setting at level 3 speed. It was slow, but not slow enough.  This is a set of stairs to nowhere. I knew it was going to be terrible. I did it for 3 mins, then Drew came to talk to me, so I paused the machine. We chatted for a bit, but machine timed out and restarted. I said, “No!” I had to restart, and climb again. I climbed the stairs for 5 mins. I did end up increasing the speed, at the end for a bit, but that sucked.
After the stair master, I did the strength training machines, arms, legs, hips, and then I went home. I didn’t feel like doing abs. I stopped for gas on my way home, then went home and got a shower. After I got out of the shower, Drew came home. He had to get gas too. We made a kale, banana, and almond milk smoothie, then watched All in the Family before going to bed.


Lunch with Mom

Today, I went to lunch with my mom. I picked her up at her work, and we went to Rockefellers in Kennedy. They have such good food. It was going to be the only thing I would probably eat all day. I just didn’t have the appetite anymore, and that tea was really working and making my appetite curve a little bit.

At lunch, my mom and I talked about the interview on Friday, Drew, dad’s Catholicism, and Easter. I love seeing her and spending time with her. I miss my mom during hard times. After lunch, I went home and did some laundry, and laid on the couch. I wanted to rest before going to the gym. I tried to nap, but I couldn’t fall asleep. Tomorrow as Friday and I didn’t want to go this interview at Fastest Labs.

When Drew got home, we got ready to go the gym. I couldn’t go during the day due to lunch with my mom. I did read some more of my book Z: Zelda Fitzgerald. I love it. I love tragic heroes.

Once we got to the gym, there were no big treadmills open, so I did the gazelle, the elliptical, and finished with a walk on the treadmill. Then Drew got me, and it was time to go to the sauna. I lasted longer than I usually do in there, but Drew stayed in an extra 10 mins. I was dying. When we got home, we watched some basketball and drank some detox tea. I have him into this teatox. He doesn’t drink the metabolic tea. It’s nice to teatox together

Classic Missunderstanding

When I woke up this morning, I felt kind of silly for being so emotional last night, but I was stressed. I just can’t let things be little. All things seem to be so big in my mind, and I don’t know why. I decided to just let him decide and perhaps take things slow. I do trust him with money. I trust him with everything. I know he wouldn’t let us go down the wrong path. I just want one thing figured out first, and that is my job situation.

While I was watching Tudors, I got a phone call from Drew. He told me that he just talked to Bobbi Jo, and she said that she ran into someone from the Social Work Department. She said, her name was Pam. Do you remember interviewing with someone named Pam? I said, No not at all. There was no Pam on the interview panel. She said that she asked her if you got the position, and Pam said, “No, we went with the other girl instead. It was down to her and someone else.” Bobbi Jo asked her why they didn’t choose you and she said, “because of something she said, during her interview.” Bobbi Jo said, “What did she say during her interview?” Pam told her that I supposedly said, I was tired of cleaning toilets. I said, “Oh wow!” I never said anything like that at all. He said, I didn’t think you would have, baby. Even if you did, that should have been used against you. Bobbi Jo was so upset that she kept you from that job. She muttered bitch as she walked away.

Outside of this conversation I was having on the phone with Drew, I figured somethings weren’t right here. First, I never interviewed with a woman named Pam in Social Work. That was wrong. Two, I was sick and don’t remember too much from that interview. Three, I interviewed with a Pam from theatre arts, but not from Social Work. On the panel during the theatre arts interview was a man named, Jacob who is the head of the administrators in the s Department and he had nothing but good things to say about me to Paula in the music Department. Drew apologized and said, I know how much you wanted that position and I am really sorry baby. I said, thank you, but I am pissed, this is not right.

When I got off the phone with him, I called Fastest Labs and told them if they would please consider me for the position, even though the thought of working with people’s bodily waste sickened me. I have an interview set up for 1pm on Friday. I tried to reach back out to LaRoche and see if the part-time position that I interviewed with was still available. I got his voicemail. Minutes later, I got a call from Drew again. He told me that she had the Departments wrong. Pam was from Theatre Arts, not Social Work. You still have a chance with the Social Work Department. My heart was racing. I knew something was wrong. He said, I am sorry. I am so sorry.”  I said, “it’s okay you both are just trying to help, but now I have an interview on Friday with fastest Labs, that I do not want to go on. I told Paula at Music, that I didn’t get it, and your mom.” He said, I am so sorry. I feel like I made things worse.” I said, “No, you didn’t if anything you made them better, there is still hope.” I could breathe again.

After I got off the phone with Drew, I went to get ready for the gym. I had such a good time at the gym, and there was no one there. It was like church. I just went hard, and went home. Once I got home, I got dinner ready. It was just going to be me eating dinner. Drew was going to go to the gym. I hate going to the gym in the evenings. Its too packed.
Once Drew got home, I was sitting at the coffee table eating and watching the episode of Teen Mom that I missed. It was part one of the reunion. I turned off the television and we talked about today, and the job situation. I just asked him nicely, not to tell me anymore about what anyone says. It is messing with me. He understood. He feels bad. I told him I know that I know he is just trying to help. I had the television to myself all evening while he was gone, that meant Bad Girls Club.