Today, we drove in this morning. Work went by really slow. I was so ready for the weekend. I just wanted to go home and relax. I was a little busy today doing some prepping and house keeping stuff. I will do more next week. I just wanted to ease back into it.
After work, Drew and I called Armstrong’s and picked up some dinner. We didn’t want to cook and didn’t really feel up to going out. I don’t think we would have had a good time. Drew dropped me off at home and then he went to get the food. I got a shower and got some pajamas on. It was the weekend.
After Drew came home, we ate dinner and then watched All in the Family until it was time to go to bed.


Grandma in the Hospital

After work today, I was so cranky. We had a meeting where we discussed the Fall Schedule. It was my first meeting combining everyone’s preferences, and not everyone submitted their preferences, and I couldn’t find one professor’s preferences. I could have done so much better, and I feel like I have still so much to learn.
At the end of the meeting, I asked the chair of the department, what I could do better with in the future, so I could learn from this, she said just put the TF preferences together with the faculty, and make sure that graduate and undergraduate are both listed. The meeting was draining. I had some small issues and requests to deal with at my desk.
In the seating area of our department, there was a baby shower going on for one of the students. I gave some money in a card for her, but I really didn’t know her, and I didn’t really care. I couldn’t wait to close up shop, but I had to handle some small requests before I could leave. I just wanted to go home.
When I left the office, I walked to the Cathedral to meet Drew. It was a slow walk. I wore my cute clogs today and I was regretting it. My feet were killing me.
When I arrived to the Cathedral, I walked up the stairs, and meet Drew by the elevators. I was not in a good mood. When I approached him, I saw an older woman was talking to him and she asked him, “Where the Nationality rooms are?” He said, “Oh they are on the first three floors.” She said, “Could you take us to them?” I chimed in and said, “Down this hallway, there is a “Nationality Rooms visitor Center.” There they can take you to the different rooms and give you more information.” I forced a smile. She thanked us, unfortunately, we had to walk past them in order to exit, the Cathedral. They looked at us like we were supposed to take them to the different rooms and be their tour guide. Nope no way, don’t have time for that. I was a tour guide in the Summer for Heinz Chapel, but I got paid to do that. I don’t get paid to do that anymore sorry. There are people there to help you with the Nationality rooms. Ugh, I didn’t say this, but that is what I was thinking.
When  Drew and I walked outside, I said, to Drew. “Sorry lady not a paid tour guide anymore.” He laughed.  I did trip a little, that was God telling me don’t be a bitch. If I was in a better mood, I probably would have taken them around, but I wasn’t. I was ready to go home.
When we were on the way home, we hit some traffic and it was getting on my nervous. We stopped at the beer store on the way, and picked up a case of Amstel, and two cans of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Then we went home. Once we got home, I made pork chops, while they were in the oven, I got a shower, and then came downstairs. I was in a semi better mood.
After dinner, we watched the Pitt Game and then Drew went up to get a shower. I continued writing my book. I am reading What Happened by Hillary Clinton. I am interested to read her version of What Happened. All of the sudden, Andrew’s phone rang and I saw it was his Mom so I answered it. She asked me if we were home, and I said, “Yes, is everything okay? she said, “Yes, where is Drew?” I said, “he is in the shower.” I was concerned. She said, “When he gets out, will you have him call me back?” I said, “I sure can.” I hung up with her and yelled up to Drew, who was in the shower to call his mom, when he gets out. He asked, “If everything was okay?” I said, “I don’t know.” He said, “Okay.”
When he got out of the shower, he came downstairs and called his mom and put her on speaker, so I could hear too.” His mom told us that Grandma is in the hospital. She fell back, hit her head, and her left arm. They might admit her. She came her by ambulance. Drew said, “he was sorry to hear that.” I was shocked. She said, “I will give you updates as soon as I get them.” I asked, “If she wanted us to come sit with her?” She said, “No thank you, Dad is here and Aunt Paula is here with me. We are having an interesting experience being here at AGH on a Friday night.” We both laughed a little.
When we got off the phone, I felt so bad. First his mom’s foot, then grandma having issues with her heart cathiter  going into her heart for the valve to be replaced, to now this. I was hoping that nothing was going to be wrong, and that she would get out of there soon.
Before we went to bed we watched an episode of Fuller House, and then fell asleep. Not too sure what tomorrow will bring.







This morning I had a dentist appointment, and I was so glad that I got to sleep in a little bit longer. The past couple nights I have been sleeping with my Fitbit on and setting the silent alarm. It will vibrate, until I wake up. I love it. I like it so much better than the alarm on my phone. I think it is a nicer way to wake up, instead of just a crazy alarm sound.
After I got a shower and got dressed. I packed up my stuff, and grabbed some pizza out of the fridge. I was a little apprehensive about my Dentist appointment this morning, and then having to go to work after. I was hoping maybe the day would fly by. When I left teh house, I called my mom and talked to her for a bit. When I arrived to the Dentist, I was 10 mins early. I put on a little make up, once I parked the car, then I walked inside.
After about 5 mins, they called me back. I sat in the chair, and she put a bib on me. Then I told her about my enamel and how it chipped a little. It is somewhat noticeable and perhaps they could put some bonding on, like my other dentist used to do. He would do without question. She said, that I would have to make another appointment for that. I miss old dentist so much. He never submitted it, he just did it. I guess we were like family to him.
After my cleaning, the Dentist came in and he checked my mouth and told me that everything looks good, and that he could put some bonding in there during my next appointment. He also wanted me to schedule a consult for MTM to see if I am a candidate for that. MTM is a cheaper solution to 6 month smiles. I thought about 6 month smiles, but it is so much money, and I just feel like braces are not an option for me. My teeth are somewhat straight. I just have a little crowding in the front on the bottom. I think this Dentist wishes I could lay golden egg for him.
After my appointment, I went to Peace Love and Little Donuts. I bought 3 donuts; flinstone, chocolate chip one, and a razzle dazzle. I knew Drew would probably want the Chocolate Chip one, but he wanted the Pitt Panther. I guess the only Pitt Panther they knew about was a cake donut with blue and gold sprinkles. I thought it was something to do with chocolate, so I knew Drew probably wouldn’t want it (I ended up getting the wrong one. He wanted the sprinkles, which was surprising.) I also purchased a caramel latte with fat free milk. I haven’t had my coffee yet.
Once I got to the bus stop in Robinson, I ate my razzle dazzle donut, and then asked Drew when the next bus was coming, because the app never works for me. He says that one just drove by while I was on my way, and it might be better to drive in, so I went back to the car and got gas in Greentree. He said, if we are on the way home and get stuck in traffic, it might be cutting it pretty close on only a quarter tank. I texted Phyllis and told her I was driving in.
After I got on the parkway, I was bumper to bumper before the tunnels, but smooth sailing to Oakland. I parked in Sennott Square, and then walked into my building. Drew was going to come to my building to get his donut that I got for him at lunch time. Phyllis saw my box of donuts and I asked if she wanted one. She said, “Yea who wouldn’t pass up donuts?!” I said, “True.” I grabbed the box and showed her the two that I had in there. She picked the chocolate one. I knew it!
When I got back to my office, I told Drew. He said, he was okay it didn’t matter. I said I figured since she let me go to the appointment and I was kind of late getting back here. He understood. I am glad he is so chill. When he came by, I gave him the donut and then we talked for a bit. I introduced him to Linda. It was nice.
When he left, I was hoping the day would fly by. I heated up my pizza and ate it, now I am not sure what is going on. I am ready for the day to be over. It is not all that eventful around here yet. I am ready to go home. Tonight, we are going to the cafe with his parents for the Preseason Steelers’ Game. I am so excited to just drink some beer and chill.

1 Wedding 2 Rehearsals

Today, I had to be at the Chapel at 11:45am. We had a 1:00pm wedding. Drew took the day off to rest and go to the chiropractor. The wedding went really well. It was an easy set up. Sharon was there to shadow me and if I had any questions I was to ask her. When everyone left, I remembered the order to putting everything back, and getting them out of here on time.
The first rehearsal was quick and painless. The second rehearsal, was a bit intense. Frank lost control of the rehearsal. Sharon eventually had to speak up to try to keep him on task. The bride and groom were a bit entitled, and seemed very about themselves. Sharon said that typically Frank is on his game, and never is this side tracked.
When I left to go home, I was able to catch a bus quickly. Drew and I had been texting off and on. When I was on the bus, Drew called to order pizza from Genoas for us for dinner, so I wouldn’t have to cook, and he was pretty sick.
When I got home, I was so ready to eat dinner. He greeted me at the door, and I kissed him even though he was was sick. He asked me how the wedding and rehearsals went. I told him, and we ate dinner, and then we talked about alumni and the second interview with them next Tuesday. I was hoping somehow that I would be able to get my weekends back and get this full-time position.
After dinner, we cleaned up and watched All in the Family until it was time to go to bed. I had to be at the chapel at 10am tomorrow for one rehearsal and 2 weddings.

Friday, March 10

This morning, Drew and I went to breakfast at Central Diner. We both had omelets, then we went home, so he could stretch a bit, then it was off to the chiropractor. I was miserable, since my monthly visitor finally arrived, but I survived.

After the chiropractor, we went grocery shopping. Then his mom called, and asked us if we wanted to go to dinner at the café. We were excited! After we grocery shopped, we went home so Drew could ice his back. We relaxed, then it was time to go to the café.
Once we got to the café, it was so packed. There weren’t any high top tables open.

When his parents, arrived Brett came over to talk to us. They were having a huge St. Patrick’s Day party next weekend and were giving guests a chance to be guest bartender. He asked us if we wanted to do it together, and we would have help behind the bar, but for one hour whatever we make, we keep. Drew and I thought that would be so much fun. He said, we can drink behind the bar as well. I haven’t bartended in so long, but it would be fun.

At dinner, I had 3, 16oz beers. When we got home, Drew and I finished the 6 pack that we bought early in the evening, and we watched Laguna Beach. I don’t know why we drank so much, but it was fun.