This morning, I got up around 5:15am. I let the dogs out, gave them fresh water, then went back upstairs. I laid in bed with them, until 5:30am then I got up and got a shower. When I came out of the shower, Paris pooped in the bathroom, then in my old bedroom where Drew was sleeping,  and also downstairs. I knew it was her, because before we left Louie went outside and pooped.
When I got dressed, I went downstairs, and fed them. I then sat on the couch with them until we left. I hoped the girl was going to come to take care of them today. I know that last time we used them she forgot to come one day. Luckily, they were okay, and waited until I got home to go to the bathroom, but hopefully that won’t happen today.
When we got to Oakland, we went to Starbucks. I love when he suggests Starbucks. I got a venti PSL with fat free milk and an extra shot of espresso. I do like Dunkin Donut’s pumpkin coffee better, but I won’t turn down Starbucks. When we parted, I went to my building he went to his. I called my mom and talked to her for a bit. Then, I sat down at my desk and started doing some work regarding Summer Fellowships, when all of the sudden the fire alarm went off.
I have to admit. It scared me a little. There is some stuff going down in Oakland today. We have the Westboro Baptist Church coming to protest in Oakland, regarding transgender bathrooms. They don’t like anyone especially homosexuals and Catholics. They are the most hateful assholes, ever. That is the thing that really pisses me off about organized religion. It can really make people so hateful. I don’t think organized religion is the sole determining factor of hate, but it is doesn’t help. In regards to the protests, I am not worried about the Westboro Baptist people. I am worried about the counter protesters. I don’t want Westboro here either, but I am not about to make it a violent situation for everyone. This world is crazy anymore.
When I went outside, I stood away from the building. I saw some of my friends from other departments. They came and stood with me. They were hoping it was for real, so we could go home. I figured it wasn’t, it was just construction, but still it is scary considering what is happening today.
Eventually, the Pitt Police told us we could go back inside. Once I was back inside, Nancy arrived I briefed her on what happened. I called her while we were outside, she was on her way to Oakland. She said, “it is never anything serious.” She may be right, but still I wanted to give her a heads up.
This afternoon is approaching and I am ready to go home and have the day off tomorrow. I have my out of office set up and ready to go on my phone and e-mail. I am just waiting for 4:30pm to get here. This evening, my cousins are due in from Kentucky. They aren’t coming in until like 9:00pm-9:30pm or so. They will be here until Sunday. We have a full weekend planned.
This was the slowest day ever! I had nothing going on, until I got a text from Cassie, saying they would get to my parent’s at about 6pm. I asked Nancy if I could leave early, because they are going to arrive earlier, then expected and I don’t want them to get there and no one would be home, She said, it was okay!
When I finally got to my parents, I let the dogs out and fed them. Then I went up and showered really quick. I put on something comfortable. Then I waited for my cousins to arrive. When they arrived, Sharon looked so thin! She said, she only eats 1 meal a day. I was shocked.
The three of us hung out, until Drew got to the Crafton bus stop, and I took them with me in Drew’s car to go pick him up. When he got into the car, we drove to the beer distributed and picked up a case of Miller Lite. We didn’t have any beer. Sharon wanted to drink a bit before she headed to Monroeville. She called it getting lubed up. Cassie was so excited for the weekend that I had planned for her.
When we got back to my parents’ house, we ordered pizza and had a few beers. We chatted about the family drama and how she doesn’t want to go to Marilyn’s in Monroeville. She did leave around 9pm or so. Shortly after that, we all got ready for bed. Cassie and I had a long day ahead, and Drew had to work the next day.



Last night, we packed to go to Crafton. Drew had a rough day at work. The system crashed and he texted me saying he wanted to throw up and scream. I felt so bad. I know how hard he has been working for this demo that is supposed to debut on the 13th, so I am trying to be as supported as possible. We had Wendy’s for dinner and watched two episodes of entourage, then packed up. After packing, we watched Siesta Key; the season finale, then went to bed.

Today, I drove into Crafton. We are dog sitting, again! I can’t wait to see my dogs, but it is such a pain to be back home, if that makes any sense. We have to pack, and then be responsible for the dogs. I just want to love them, play with them, cuddle them, then leave, but the responsibility in the middle of the work week, is ehh.

On my way to Crafton this morning, there was an accident in the left lane on the parkway right before the Green tree exit. Traffic was a slow crawl to the exit. The yinzers, who don’t know how to drive. You gotta love them! I texted Nancy and told her I would probably be a few minutes late. She was okay with it.

Once I got to the bus stop in Crafton, it was 7:15am. I didn’t want to wait for a 28x, so I took a g3 into town, then a 71 to Oakland. Drew was smart and got off on the Carnegie exit from the parkway, and went to Crafton that way. I should have done that I was hoping to not be in traffic that long. Being late sucks.

When I finally walked into my building, it was a little after 8am. I was so rushed. I called my mom for a bit, then got to work. I texted Nancy and told her I was here. She said, not too bad for an accident. I agreed. I have done some projects here and there, but today I have meeting with Mel and Jen at 2:30pm, then a 3pm meeting with Melanie. I hope this day goes fast so I can see my pups.

At lunch, Nancy and I went to Five Guys. I have never been there before. I had burgers and fries two days in a row now. I feel so fat. I can’t wait to go to the gym on Sunday. I need to eat better, but it so tempting. I eat salads everyday, but then Nancy asks me what I am doing for lunch? and I lose all control!

The meeting with Mel and Jen went well. We finally are on the same page, and seem to know what to do in case a student comes to us with an issue. After we met with Jen, Mel and I finished our One-on-One. I had some work to do when I got back to my desk, not enough people applied to teach in the summer. They seem to want the research money more than the teaching money. I had to remind a few students to please send in the applications, and I have some organizing to do, but nothing major.

After the meeting, the day flew by. When Drew and I were on the bus, he told me that they were able to restore back ups, since the system crashed, but he is thinking that he is going to have to pass on this weekend’s festivities, so he can catch back up. He feels so pressured. This demo is to take place in almost a week! I am sad that he might have to miss out this weekend, but I understand.

When we got on the bus, I got a call from my dad around 5:00pm. He called to ask me if I got home yet? I said, “No I don’t get out until 4:30pm. I get home around 6pm on a good day. You know that.” He said, “I know. I am sorry.”  I said, “I will call you when I get home.” I hung up the phone and gave Drew a look. He shook his head. They didn’t get the pet sitter to come today, because they left around 10am, but they should know what time I get out of work, and when I get home by now. I was just so annoyed. Nothing seemed easy today.

When we finally got to my parents’, I let the dogs out and they went to the bathroom and they were fine! After I fed them, my mom texted me and asked if the dogs were ok? I said, of course, I would text you if something was wrong. I just want them to back off. They should have had someone come to the house today, but since they didn’t they are up my ass about it. I am doing the best I can. I can’t control traffic, or when I get to leave work. I got it guys.

After I fed them, we ate dinner, then I got a shower and we watched a little of Pens game,  then turned on Entourage. I am just not in a hockey mood yet. I feel as though it just ended, but it was cool to see the banner be raised, and Sid come out with the cup. I didn’t feel like going to bed until 11pm. After two episodes of Entourage, we started to watch the Lady Gaga Documentary 5 foot 2. I like it so far. I started dozing off, but I had to get the dogs out one more time before I went to bed.

Long Painful Weekend

Even though, I had shingles we still had to dog sit for my parents. On Saturday, I cancelled my Dr. Bailey appointment, I just wanted to lay low. When we woke up around 10am, we made breakfast and took it easy. I wanted to get out for a little bit today, and go to the Hop House for dinner like we planned, but I was in pain. I did some laundry, and we watched a little of the Pitt game, but it was hard, because every so often the dogs needed to go out. I was getting frustrated with Drew during the Pitt game. He wasn’t really helping as much as he said he would. I am a control freak, but I was hurting. I sort of knew this was going to be the case, but the dogs really don’t respond to him and listen to him quite like they do me, and my dad. I think they can sense that he isn’t too crazy about them.
After we got ready, we went to the mall and put a payment down on my ring. Then, we went to Penney’s and he bought some button ups, and then we went back to my parents. It was almost a little too much for me. I needed to rest some more before going to dinner.
When we got home, we took the dogs out, hung out with them, and fed them. Then we got ready to go to the Hop House for dinner. I am not sure if it was just my subconscious but my stomach was starting to itch. I was hoping the shingles weren’t’ spreading. The enter time we were at dinner, I was conscious of the itch and a little bit of pain in my groin. I couldn’t wait for this to be over with, but it could be so much worse. It was the first time in a long time that I sat at a bar and sipped pop. I missed the taste of beer.
After dinner, we went home to the dogs and let them out one more time, and then I laid on the couch with them and we watched Entourage. I had to be conscious of the dogs laying on me, if they walked on me, it hurt, but once they got comfortable and we were laying down it was okay. Drew got up to move them, he can be a little rough when he is frustrated. I told him it was okay. I love my dogs, but tomorrow we were going home I couldn’t wait.
Today, we got all packed up in the morning, and he packed up our cars, and I double checked the house. I was glad to be going home. I just wanted to be in my house. I fed the dogs breakfast, and took the dogs out before we left. Then we were on our way home.
When we got home, he brought the stuff from the cars into the house, and I carried it up stairs. I took the dirty laundry downstairs and put a load in, so much for doing laundry at my parents, when I still had laundry to do at home. I wasn’t in so much pain today, but it was still there, and the bumps were turning into blisters and it was just a matter of them to dry up and heal.
After we brought everything in, I took a shower and then laid on the couch. I had a pair of Drew’s old basket ball shorts on, they were loose and comfortable. I watched Outlander, while he went to the gym. I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym too. I missed it. These shingles were really knocking me on my ass. After Outlander, I fell asleep a little, then I got a call from Drew. He said, that his parents were coming over they had food for us, but he didn’t know what time they were coming over. I said, okay I just want to be decent when they arrive. He understood.  I wasn’t decent.
Around 3pm, I went upstairs, to get a shower. I wanted to do my hair and my make up and look cute. I put on leggings and a Steelers shirt. I turned the game on and waited for his parents to come over. When Drew came home with the groceries, I helped him put them away. He said, “Babe, you look beautiful.” I said, “Thank you, I was tired of looking like a slob.” He said, “You have shingles baby.” I said, “I know, but I want to look cute and put together for you.” He smiled, and said, “You always look cute, Bub.” He was so sweet and does take such good care of me, even though I get frustrated with him.
When we were putting away groceries, he said that he wanted to get me flowers, but he didn’t have enough hands to carry everything. I smiled and said, that was so sweet baby, and thank you for the thought. I really am so lucky to have him.
While we waited for his parents to arrive, we watched the Steelers game, until we heard our doorbell ring. I got up and answered the door. His Dad came in with his hands full of things for us. He asked how I was feeling? I said, “better, but still some pain.” He said, “When my daughter-in-law hurts, I hurt.” I smiled. He told us that he brought a roast, a whole rotisserie chicken, two containers of a shrimp dip he made, guacamole, and chips. I felt so touched. It was so nice of them. I put the roast in the oven, and we visited with them for awhile.
Then when they left, it was just us. We knew the roast was going to take awhile, so we just hung out until dinner was ready. It was a long weekend, but we got through it together. I was semi ready for another week ahead.

Hair Appointment

This morning Drew was late to get up. I had to wake him up. When he left to go to Dr. Bailey’s, I let the dogs out and fed them breakfast. Then I got a shower, and got ready to leave the house. I left the house to go to my hair appointment. I was a little hesitant, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run into Kathie or not. I figured she was going to be there.

When I arrived to the salon, I sat in the chair, and she got started on my hair. Kathie walked into do an appointment. She said, Danielle you are so fickle. You don’t like me anymore.” I said, “No, I like you.” Kim said to Kathie she will probably leave me in about month or so anyway. I just laughed it off. I was so annoyed. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she really disappointed me with the quality of my high lights that one day, before her surgery.

After my hair appointment, I went home to the dogs.  Drew was on his way back to my parents. When we got back home, we hung out and relaxed with the dogs. We also took them on a little walk. Drew was still not 100%. For dinner, I stopped at Wendy’s he wanted a bacon burger, and I got a chicken sandwich. I split my French fries with him. I truly love him and want him to feel better soon.  After dinner, we watched television until it was time to go to bed. Tomorrow we were going to go back to Moon around 1pm. We couldn’t wait to go to our house.


Drew came home

This morning I worked 9am-12pm, then went to my parents to hang out with the dogs, until Drew’s flight came in. He wasn’t due in until 6:30pm. What to do until then? I hung out on the couch with dogs, and took them outside often. I was laying on the couch with the dogs, when I got a phone call from RMU. It was the Academic Media center. He asked if I could come in Monday for an interview at 12:30pm. I agreed to the interview. I was so excited. I called Drew really quick and told him. He was so happy for me. It was my second chance to get this right. I went home to Moon closer to 6pm. When I got back to Moon, he told me I could leave whenever I wanted he just landed. I hopped into his car, and drove to the airport. I was so excited to see him!

When I arrived to the arriving flights, it is always a mess. People lined up almost to the off ramp. I finally was able to scoot up enough and told him what type of car I was behind, when I saw him he looked so tan. He also wasn’t feeling good. Once he got in the car, we kissed. He was so out of it, but happy to be home. When we finally got back on the highway, we chatted here and there, but I could tell he wasn’t feeling well.

When we arrived to our house, we got inside, and got packed up to go to my parents’ to dog sit. We laid in bed together, and just relaxed for a moment. This wasn’t quite the homecoming I thought it was going to be, and I was a bit disappointed, but I really did feel bad that he didn’t feel well. I left to go to my parents, and he was going to meet over there in his car. I had a hair appointment in the morning, and he had a chiropractor appointment, so we needed two cars.

When I got back to my parents, I let the dogs out again and waited for Drew to come home. When he arrived to my parents, we ordered pizza and watched the Pens game. I was so happy to have him home.

Interview at RMU

This morning, I didn’t wake up completely until a quarter to 10am. I slept so good, and didn’t want to get out of bed. I do remember texting Drew off and on early in the morning about the dogs.

After I got out of the shower, I put on some random clothes until it was time to change into my interview clothes. I wasn’t all that nervous, probably because I slept well. I was anxious though to get on campus. I made some pumpkin coffee, and drank it out my favorite mug. 

Then it was time to get ready and get dressed. I was so excited to get on campus. I got there an hour early.

I texted Anthony and told him that the bitch is back. He and I met at RMU and are still best friends to this day. I ordered my usual coffee at ROMO’s, French Caramel Latte with fat free milk. Then, hung out at a high top table and soaked in the memories, and surfed on my phone.
Once I left ROMO’s, I got up and went outside and took a walk through the forest of fun, until I approached the building where my interview was going to be.

I remember when this building first opened. Anthony and I had so many inside jokes about it, especially about the stock market ticker. It makes me laugh a little just typing this entry. I walked up the walkway and paid a visit to the theater.

This is where I met Anthony, Dylan, Ray, and Allie. I keep in touch with Anthony the most still, but theater to me has always been a sort of spiritual thing for me. I used to dance, and I did dabble in some acting, but it was always so fun to get up on stage and dance or play part. I wasn’t in any of the big productions, but I did take part in small roles for friends who were in Directing Class. I also took a theater arts class, and a dance class at RMU. I turned to the theater for my release from all my stressful classes and I don’t regret for a minute.

When I walked into the theater, I sat inside the auditorium for a bit.

This is like my version of church. I just wanted to sit there for a minute, catch my breath and mediate. I reflected on RMU; my time, my memories there, my classes, friends, and professors. The connections I made there. How happy I am that I chose RMU as my school. I also thought about my occupations and how far I have come in my job life, and what has brought me to this chance to interview for my school. It kind of amazes me, a little.

When I left the auditorium, I went to the bathroom and changed my shoes, and I remember when I used to rush to the bathroom after dance, and change out of my dance clothes and race to myths class, always a few minutes late. Thankfully Dr. Karshner was cool.

After changing my shoes, I left the theater building and went to the business building rang the doorbell to their office door. Dr Robbins, opened the door, and greeted me. We shook hands and he led me into a conference room, where Bethany and Yasmin were waiting for me. The office was no bigger than a living room. It was small and quaint. I shook hands with Bethany and Yasmin, and then took a seat next to Bethany, and the interview got underway.

During the interview, they asked me the typical behavioral questions, tell me when this happened, or a time when that happened, etc. I felt like I did a good job of answering their questions. It was very relaxed, but formal environment, I related most of my answers to my experiences with Pitt. It was the most relevant experience to working within a University type setting. I believe they were happy with me and liked me. They said they would get in touch with me next week, Wednesday or so.

After my interview, I went to see John Locke, but he wasn’t in his office. The receptionist said he was setting up for graduation, so on my way out of his office, I ran into Scott my old boss at the Phonathon. He gave me a hug and almost didn’t recognize me.

After talking to Scott, I went to Sewall Center, and I messaged John Locke on Facebook messager. He told me he was in the arena and to come say hi! It has been years since I seen him.  When I walked into the arena, they were setting up for graduation. I can’t remember my graduation and it was only in May of 2013, but I still don’t really remember it. when I saw John, I gave him a hug. He and I chatted about my interview, and he told me he would drop Yasmin a line in an email for me. I was happy that he was going to help me. I did ask if he needs any help with graduation on Saturday? He said he thinks he is good. I wanted to volunteer any help, so I could be seen on campus and it would be fun to help!

When I left campus, I went back to our house in Moon. I typed up some thank you notes to the people I interviewed with, changed my clothes while I was on the phone with my mother-in-law then it was out the door, and back to Crafton to take care of the dogs for one more night.

When I got off the parkway in Greentree, I drove past Fastest Labs, and called Chris. He said he was getting ready to hop on a conference call, and he would call me back. I figured it would be nice to follow up with him and see what happened today, while I was not in the office.

When I got home, the dogs were crazed to see me and they tore up some paper coasters, and there was poop in the dining room. I know it was a long time to be left alone so I excused their behavior. My parents would do the same. Chris eventually called me back. He asked about my interview, was glad it went well. He told me about his awkwardly busy day, then that was it. I was nervous to show up there tomorrow.

Wednesday; me day!

This morning, I got up and let the dogs out, got a shower, then fed them, and then I went to work. Work was interesting he knew I was going on an interview with RMU the next day, so he was teasing me about it, whatever. I need to do what I need to do. I am not collecting urine samples, and hair samples all my life.

Also, Drew was so sweet and volunteered to take care of the dogs, while I stayed in Moon that night, so I could rest up. I was so touched and thought it was so thoughtful of him. He wants me to be well rested.

After work, I went home and let the dogs out. Then I fed them dinner, and then it was off to my mani and pedi appointment. I couldn’t wait to get pampered!

Once I arrived to the nail salon, they were so busy! I sat in the pedicure chair, soaking for an hour, before she started on my feet. I didn’t mind actually, but it was going to leave me no time to get home to have dinner with Drew before I left for Moon.

After my mani and pedi, I went to subway and picked us up some subs. I kept mine in the car, and brought Drew’s in the house, so I could give it to him. I packed up my stuff, kissed my husband, and said goodbye to the dogs, and then I was on my way back to Moon. I will admit a huge part of me didn’t want to leave the dogs and felt bad for leaving them, not that I thought Drew was going to mistreat them, but because they were used to me and I loved them, but I did need my rest.

Once I got to Moon, I brought my stuff in, and called Drew to let him know I was there safely. He was glad and let me know the dogs were okay. He was watching the Pens game, then going to bed.

After I got off the phone with him, I ate my sandwich, and turned on Netflix. There is this new show called Cable Girls. It is about women trying to be independent, and carve a role for themselves other than just what society at that time wanted them to be. The time was the end of the 1920s going into the 1930s. I don’t know I think I like it, but I want it to get better. It’s slow moving. The show was filmed in Spanish and dubbed over in English. I think that’s what is throwing me off. However, the music is awesome!

Before I went to bed, I talked to Drew he finally got the dogs to settle with him. I am so thankful for him and so happy he is my husband.