My name is Danielle. lover of literature and music. I like to think I am good writer. I have a wonderful husband named Andrew, who supports me, and loves me dearly. I am a daughter to two people, who have challenged me to be the best daughter and individual I can be. I am more spiritual than religious. I have a girl crush on Britney Spears. Pizza is my favorite food. Coffee is one of my must haves in life. Pink is my favorite color. I am a Mac person, and a lover of the iPhone. Horror movies and British dramas are two favorite genre of movies. Fitzgerald is my favorite author.

I like to think my life is best describes as Modern Chic. I try to keep up with the times, and have a modern outlook on life, but I also like to keep it Chic and classy. I have a love for history, and timeless traditions, that one may think are silly (such as table manners, etiquette, and the rules of being a lady, even though I am sure I have broken most of them).

If you like the idea of hearing about my my modernly chic life that is full of love, then keep reading!