Halloween Party

This morning, I woke up and got ready to go to Crafton. I had a nail appointment at Bella’s Nails in Noblestown. I was meeting my mom at my parents’ house then we would drive to the Nail salon together. She was getting her nails done too.
When I arrived into Crafton, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and got my mom two pumpkin coffees and my dad a chocolate donut. When I got to my parents, my dad was so happy and surprised with his donut. I said hi to my dogs, and then we were on our way to the nail salon.
When we arrived, I sat in Anna’s chair, and my mom sat next to me. Anna was going to do my nails first, then my mom’s. While I was soaking my feet for my pedicure, she was going to finish up my mom. It took a little over 2 hours to be completely done. My mom and I tried the SNS dip powder nails. It is this powder that they dip your nails in, and it supposedly it has nutrients in it, and makes your nails grow. I wasn’t sure about that, but I am excited to see how long it lasts. I love having my nails and toes done. It has been so long since my last pedicure. My nails and toes are a dark purple, almost like a plum. Fall means dark colors!
After our nail appointment, my nail trip costs me $90.00, not including a tip. I know this is a special occasion. My mom and I met my dad at Hanlon’s in the shopping center and we had breakfast. Then it was back to my parents. I wanted to try on the white tights that I had for my costume tonight. I  knew my mom would give me her honest opinion on whether or not they fit properly. Thankfully, when I tried them on they fit. I was ready for tonight. I couldn’t wait.
When I got back to Moon, Drew just got home. He asked how my nail appointment went and if I had fun? I told him it was so relaxing. I showed him my nails and my toes I think he liked them. I threw some laundry in and hung out, until it was time get ready. I was feeling semi nauseous. I was hoping I would be in tip top shape for tonight.
When it was time to get ready, I took my time and did my make up. I did my stitches on my face and on my neck, like Sally has them in the movie. I was being Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas. Drew was being Jack. The two main characters in the movie. Once we we were ready, we left the house and went to Giant Eagle to pick up my cupcake cake. Drew had it made in a particular shape. He wanted to surprise me with it.  I couldn’t wait to see it.  Once we picked up the cake, it was decorated in the shape of a pumpkin. It was orange with black writing. I loved it! We also picked up an energy drink, and gum.
Once we arrived in Aliquippa at the Cafe, it was about 6pm. We wanted to get there early and have some time before our guests arrived. My parents were next to arrive, my dad had the best costume! He was a pirate. My mom was dressed as a witch. I am so glad they dressed up. My in-laws did not, but I am happy the came. Once they arrived, we ordered food. I had a grilled cheese and fries. Andrew had a burger and fries, so did my dad. My mom had a gyro. I think my father-in-law just had wings and spinach dip.
After dinner, Anthony and Dylan showed up. Dylan brought me a card, and inside the card was a $25 Starbucks gift card. My in-laws, got me two cards. One funny one, and one cute one. In side, the funny card was a $15 dollar Starbucks gift card. I felt so blessed. I knew where I was stopping on Monday! The bar sang Happy Birthday to me, and then I blew out my candles.
When it was time to leave, Drew and I were so tired. I was ready for bed. We got home around 10pm. Anthony and Dylan came by our house for a bit, but they didn’t get a chance to eat, since they showed up so late. I was about to wait for them to eat at the restaurant. I was so tired. Anthony was in a mood too.  When they finally left, Andrew and I got ready and went to bed. I had a feeling I was going to be so lazy tomorrow.



This morning, I had a work shop to go to, but I was so busy working on Gen Ed stuff before I left for the workshop. I ended up being 5 mins late, but when I was in the elevator, the woman who was also in the elevator was the one hosting the workshop, so I am glad I wasn’t the only one late.
When I signed up for this workshop, I am not sure what I expected it was going to be like, but it was stuff that I pretty much already knew how to do. The woman overly explained things, and didn’t really seem to have the audience participate much, unless it was to ask questions. I was so tired and was disappointed over the workshop. It didn’t really provide me with anything new. I had so much to do at my desk regarding these gen ed proposals.
After the workshop, I went back to my office, and pretty much dropped my stuff, went to the restroom, and then Nicolette was meeting me outside Sociology for lunch. We were going to get Sushi, or something at Sushi Fuku. I was so excited. I love Sushi. When she arrived we went out the door of Sociology and walked to the Sushi place. I couldn’t wait to get out of that office. I had so much going on and didn’t want to be there.
When Nicollette and I walked into the restaurant we got in line. Luckily they weren’t too busy yet. I had never been there before. She said, that she usually gets a bowl. You pick your rice, then your meat, 4 vegetables, and then sauce. I thought that sounds like a plan. I got a bowl with brown rice, spicy crab meat, green onions, cucumber, cream cheese, avocado, spicy mayo. She got a bowl with spicy crab meat, the same vegetables and cream cheese, but with yum yum sauce.
While we ate, we talked about the gossip in the department and the drama. We talked about our weekend plans, and my birthday. She bought my lunch today for my Birthday. She is the best. We stayed and chatted for awhile after we ate, then we lost track of time and had to head back to the office.
When we got back to the office, I was so busy. I could feel myself getting “Into the Grip.” I could care less about these Gen Ed Requirements. I think this is stuff the faculty should be doing not me, but I got roped into it somehow. I am trying to do support them with what I can, but there things I just can’t write. Also, I shouldn’t have gone to that Workshop this morning, it was a total waste of time. I couldn’t wait for Friday to arrive.

30th Birthday

Today, I am 30 years old. I feel pretty good about it surprisingly.

This morning, we went to Starbucks, when we got off the bus and I got my usual. A venti blonde roast with a pump of pumpkin, and room for cream. Since I am a Starbucks reward member, I get a free Birthday drink. Drew got his usual, venti iced coffee with a shot of espresso.

We parted and went to our buildings, I called my mom and she wished me a Happy Birthday. We talked for a bit, then when I got off the phone with her I got some work done. I don’t have too much going on right now, but that will probably change tomorrow, after I meet with my DGS. It will make the week go by faster.

When Nancy arrived, she brought me a blueberry muffin, and wished me Happy Birthday! I told her thank you! I was glad I didn’t get any pastries at Starbucks this morning!

At 11:45am today, I met Drew at the bottom of the escalators and we went to lunch. He was so cute. He held my hand, while we walked to Stacked. He asked me how my day was going and if I was having a good birthday so far? I said, I was a having a great day.  We walked to Stacked together.

When we arrived at Stacked, they aren’t so busy. It was nice. We got right in and got a table. We both did a build your own burger and curly fries. Lunch was so good. After lunch, went to the book store and he bought me a Pitt phone case, since mine broke this morning. I really need a case, this phone has to last me.

After we left the bookstore, we went back to work. I didn’t want to go back at all. Thankfully the day went by quickly, and it was time to meet up with Drew again to catch the bus.

When we got home, we made dinner and he went to the store. He got me flowers and two cupcakes so we both could have one, while he sang Happy Birthday to me. After dinner, we watched Halloween II. It was a great way to start a new decade. I felt so loved and so happy.

Gym and Birthday Dinner

At noon, we went to the gym and got a good work out in, after my cardio, I did some weights with Drew.
Then I went home and showered. I got ready to go to my parents. When Drew got home, he got a shower, got dressed, then we were out the door to my parents. I was so happy to see my dogs.
When we arrived to my parents it was 3:30pm. I snuggled my pups and kissed them. I missed them when I am not there. Drew and I started on the beer, then his parents arrived shortly after we did.
My mom put some snacks out, so of course I filled up on those before dinner. She made my favorite dinner ever, which is Meatball Stroganoff. She also made a pork tenderloin. It was so good.
After dinner, we sang happy birthday and I opened my gifts. The first ones I opened were Anniversary. We got a place setting for our nice china from his parents, then my mom and dad gave us money. I thought that was so nice of them.
When I opened my birthday gifts, I got 3 alex and ani bracelets from my mother-in-law and father-in-law. My parents got me the iwatch 3. I love it! I was so surprised. They told me, that they weren’t sure if it was going to come in, in time, or not.
So earlier that day, my dad had to go out to the Apple Store in South Hills and get it. They only had one left. They canceled the order with Best Buy, since they got this one instead. I was so happy it was there. It is so pretty I can’t stop looking at it! It was so easy to set up too.
Shortly after cake and dinner, it finally set it in a little bit. On Tuesday, I am going to be 30! It is so crazy to me.
Around 8pm, we got ready to leave. His parents were going to leave too. My mom packed up the left over dinner and gave it to us to take home. I was glad that we were able to do this, this weekend.

Aunt Tootsie’s 90th

Today is Aunt Tootsie’s 90th Birthday party. Uncle Steve and Maryann asked if we could go pick her up and bring her to the restaurant. They need to be there early to decorate. We didn’t mind.
When we arrived to pick her up she seemed happy and excited for her party. I was glad to see that.
When we got to the restaurant, Uncle Steve and Maryann were in the pack banquet room. We ha the room to ourselves and there was this big table, the menus had Aunt Tootsie’s picture on it. It was so cute how they had it set up. I was so happy for her.
Before the party got started, I FaceTimed Emily her grand daughter, so she could see her and she could wish her a happy birthday.  It made Aunt Tootsie light up. We passed the phone around so she could see everyone and they could see Riggs and Finn. It was nice.
Dinner was yummy. We could pick from Marinated Sirloin, Parmesan crusted chicken, or Salmon. Drew and I both had the sirloin it was a good choice.
Everyone took pictures. Brian and Melissa were there with their children. Julie was there as well with Sophia and Stella. Megan arrived too from Erie. She was going to stay the night in Pittsburgh and go out with her friends. It was good to see them all.
When we left it was about 8pm. Drew and I had some errands to run and we wanted to grocery shop before we went home, as well. We said goodbye to everyone. Drew takes forever to say goodbye.
When we left Wexford, we went to the mall and got my birthday ring, then we went to target and picked up some make up for my costume, then to market district to get some groceries for the week.
When we got home, we watched an episode of Entourage, but I ended up falling asleep. I was so tired.

Last Friday of my ’20s

At work today, I had to sit in on the Gen Ed Requirement meeting with the faculty. It is best if I sit in and see how I can assist them. I have a good idea of what the proposal packet consists of, but I am the central person for the answers, to their questions.
The meeting went really well. I have a better understanding and I think the faculty does to of what is required for the proposal packet. I think some just don’t want to do the work. At one point, one the faculty members sugguested that Dan and I type up a framework, so she can put her name to it. I spoke up and said, “my part in this is to make sure that you have all the documents in your packet, then send it up to the Dean’s office. All you need to write up your matrices, learning outcomes, and etc are up on  box.”
Even the professor who was heading this was annoyed by her saying she wanted a framework. There is nothing more to be done, but the work that they need to do. I am glad some of them understand that.
At the end of the meeting, one of the professors approached me and said, that they were glad I stuck up for myself. There was no way I was doing all her writing and her work, just so she can slap her name on it.
After the meeting was over, I went to the Porch and got a grilled cheese and soup, then sat by the  Schenley park fountain. I needed some fresh air and it was nice outside. I talked to my mom for a bit. Drew mentioned it being the last Friday of my 20s and thought maybe we could have some people over tonight. I invited Anthony, Dylan, Leanne, Dan, Maci, and my parents. My parents said they would stop by around 7pm-7:30pm. That is when people are going to arriving.
When we got home, we got ready for people to come over, and I got a shower and changed. He took the garbage down. I was ready to just let loose and play drinking games. Leanne, Dan, and Maci were the first to arrive. I hadn’t seen Maci in so long.
Then my parents arrived, shortly after Anthony and Dylan showed up. We played cards against humanity and drank. It was so fun. My parents didn’t stay long. Leanne and Dan stayed for another round of drinking games then left. Maci was getting so sleepy. I missed her. Anthony and Dylan stayed until  about 1am, then it was time for bed.

Division Retreat and Lunch with Frank

This morning, we had a division wide retreat. This retreat was going to take place in the anthropology lounge. This was the third event regarding our Myers Briggs’ test results. This event was catered to stress. How do our personalities work when we are stressed and how can we avoid being stressed? It was pretty informative.
For the first part of the retreat, we had to listen to a story. It is called a draw bridge story, and there were some characters in it, and you had to figure out, who was the least responsible and the most responsible.
The second part, we were put into groups and talked about what gets us stressed and how we can avoid it.
After that the retreat was over, it was nice. The things that she passed out about the various personality types and what to look for, when the types are having a bad day. It was a good retreat.
When I got back to my desk, I did some work, then I went to the Music Department to meet up with Frank. He and I decided on Taco Bell. I needed to get my steps in, so that is why I walked to Music, then to the WPU, instead of just meeting him there. It took forever to get our lunch.
Once we got our lunch and sat down at a table, we talked about Jazz, the seminar, and the concert. We talked about the music building, and etc.
After he was finished eating, he had to leave. The Jazz Committee meeting was at 2pm, and it was already 10mins to 2pm. I ate my last taco by myself, then called my mom on my way back to Posvar. We chatted for a bit, until I got to my building.
Then it was time for my one-on-one with Melanie. I always leave her office with so much to do! It always makes Thursday and Friday go so fast!