Gym Day

After work today, I dreaded going to the gym. I knew it was coming and it was inevitable. When we got off of the bus, we went home, changed, and then I went to the gym. We drove separately. I had to get gas afterwards. I meant to go before, but I was on autopilot and didn’t.
When I arrived to the gym, they changed everything around. The ellipticals were in front of the treadmills and where the elliptical were the bikes are there now. However, if you are on the elliptical you have a better view of the TVs now, which may encourage me to stay on the elliptical longer! After 30 mins on the elliptical, I got on the stair master. I knew I was going to hate it.
Once I climbed up the stair master machine, I started it on a manual setting at level 3 speed. It was slow, but not slow enough.  This is a set of stairs to nowhere. I knew it was going to be terrible. I did it for 3 mins, then Drew came to talk to me, so I paused the machine. We chatted for a bit, but machine timed out and restarted. I said, “No!” I had to restart, and climb again. I climbed the stairs for 5 mins. I did end up increasing the speed, at the end for a bit, but that sucked.
After the stair master, I did the strength training machines, arms, legs, hips, and then I went home. I didn’t feel like doing abs. I stopped for gas on my way home, then went home and got a shower. After I got out of the shower, Drew came home. He had to get gas too. We made a kale, banana, and almond milk smoothie, then watched All in the Family before going to bed.


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