Myers Briggs Part 2

Today, was the Myers Briggs part 2 meeting. During this meeting, this is how we can use our personality types to be better in the workforce. The session was informative, but it was informative, but still a little dry. I am over it. I had so much going on back in my office. I really needed to get some requests solved. The athletes needed me to get them into Dr. E’s class and he is already overbooked. It was a lot.
After the meeting, Nancy said I could go home, but I decided to go back to the office and submit this request. I have been working closely with Dr. E and Mike F from Athletics. I have been able to grant all the requests for the athletes so far and that makes everyone happy, but I couldn’t wait to go home.


Fall Semester Begins

Today, is the first day of fall semester. The students are back in full force. Everyone was crazed. People were so busy. Not everyone was in the best mood, including, Nancy. I had no clue what to expect.
At around 10am, I met with a new TA she wanted to see where her classroom was in the Cathedral. She asked if I would go with her to the Cathedral. She was teaching classes in there tomorrow and needed to know where to go. I forgot that I was meeting her. When she came to my office, I was glad to get out for a bit. I showed her where her classroom would be, and she thought it was too big for 25 people. I said, that is registrar, but at least now she knows where it is.
When I got back to my office, I had requests from students, e-mails to check, things to submit, special permission numbers to grant. It was intense. I was hoping this week was going to go by fast.

Jim’s Cookout

This morning, we took our time getting ready. I made buffalo chicken dip again for Jim’s cookout today. After we got ready, we went to Kirklands first in Robinson Town Center. They had so many cute things for Fall. We bought a set of Halloween mugs that say, “Mr. Handsome Devil and Mrs. Wicked Witch.” I loved them. I blame his cousin Melissa for my love of Kirklands. We also saw this orange Pumpkin that had a white H on it. I said, we have to have this. I have been looking for this for our wedding. We have to get married again! We both laughed.
After Kirklands, we went to Bath and Body in the Town Center and looked for some fall soaps. They didn’t really have that big of a selection, so we bought two room refreshers. They are plug-ins both are houses. One is a fall house and  the other is a haunted house. they are so cute. Drew picked them out. He has good taste. We picked a few different scents, then we left.
When we got back home, we brought our purchases in and got ready to go to Jim’s. When we arrived at Jim’s, the party began, but I really wasn’t in the mood to be there. I was so tired from the long week. I just wanted to be home and on the couch.
For dinner, we had ribs, beans, potato salad, chips, and dip. Of course I filled up too much on the snacks before dinner. I didn’t really eat. I didn’t like the ribs, but I had one or two. I just wasn’t feeling it.
After dinner, we played whiffel ball. I think we won the game. I am not sure I can’t remember, that was fun. Of course we played cornhole too. I suck at cornhole, but I try. We stayed until 9:30, then it was time to go home and go to bed. We were tired.

Long Week

So this week was a bit of a rough one, and I am glad it is over. At the staff picnic on Monday, I got told about my tank top being too low. Yes, I should have worn a tank top under neath it, and I forgot. I won’t wear it again, please don’t let this be something that holds me back from being in this position. When Linda said that  four people came up to her and told her about it, I was shocked 4 people! Nancy told me about my tank top just to let me know as a heads up, when we went up to the conference room in Political Science to check out the eclipse. I felt like shit.
This morning, I brought in bagels for me, Nancy, and Nicollete. Nancy is always bringing in pastries from Panera left and right. She took me and Nicollete out to lunch this past week, so I wanted to return the favor. Well Linda didn’t want a bagel, so I asked Lindsay if she wanted the bagel? She said, No, so I said, okay no problem. I took the bag of bagels in the office with me, and eventually gave it to one of the IT guys, so I didn’t think anything of it. I went about my morning, toasted my bagel, cream cheesed it, and enjoyed the hell out of it. At one point, Nicollette and Nancy came into the office and toasted their bagel, and we chatted for a bit, nothing major right?
In the afternoon, I went to the bathroom did my business, opened the stall and say Patty washing her hands at the sink, so I smiled and washed my hands. Then she looked at me and said, I heard you offer Lindsay bagel this morning. I looked at her and didn’t say anything. I went over to the towel dispenser and dried my hands. She said, I don’t think I ever did anything wrong to you. I hope no one ever makes you feel that way. If they do, just take it in stride.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wanted to laugh so bad. I was trying to hold back the laughter. Is this woman really pissed off about a bagel? I should have offered her it, after I spoke with Lindsay, but I didn’t. I know I should have, but I only had one bagel left. Nicollette didn’t even get hers yet. I said, “Well Nancy always is bringing things in and I wanted to return the favor. I never intentionally wanted to make you feel left out.” We walked out of the bathroom together.  We walked down the hall back to our offices. I was trying not to laugh. She didn’t really say anything back to me, but she did say again. “Just take it in stride.” I was smiling. I know I was. I was trying so hard to not bust out laughing. I went into our offices.
Then I saw my supervisor, she was back in her temporary office on our floor. Her floor was getting remodeled and a board had fallen down and hit someone in the head, so they had to evacuate the floor, so Linda our division admin was already having a hell of a day and she was going to eventually hear about this. So I approached my supervisor, and told her what happened in the bathroom. Well Patty was in the door way, watching me talk to Phyllis. It was so creepy. I had to tell my supervisor. It is what it is lady you cornered me.
After I spoke with Phyllis, she told me not to worry about it. I told my supervisor it is over. Patty eventually walked away. Phyllis told Nancy, and she said, are you serious? I said, “Yes.” She said, “Alright don’t worry about it, just don’t go back there anymore.”
In the afternoon, Linda and Nancy were talking about the issue behind closed doors in Nancy’s office. I thought this is it. All over a bagel.  When Linda, came out she asked if we wanted to order pizza. I put $5 down for it. She said, “let me go ask the people in the back, if they want any.” Nancy and I just looked at each other smiled. She knew I was okay, and I did too.
While we were eating Pizza, Nancy, Linda, and myself sat a table in the kitchen. Linda said, “Just be careful back there. Don’t even bother with them.” I nodded my head and smiled. I was glad that she was okay with it and I think she kind of knew that it was bullshit and petty. I was so ready for this day to end.
When I got home, Drew had the laundry done, but we had to still make dinner. I was just glad to be home. I was so worn out this week. I can’t imagine handing the people I work with, my job, grad school, and home duties, but I guess we will see.

Paula’s Mom Passed Away

This morning, Linda walked into my office and said, you have been requested. I said, “I have been requested?” she said, “You have by Jacob Bacharch.” I said, “Oh?” She said, “Well Paula’s mom passed away and he asked if you would go over to Music this afternoon and watch the desk, while everyone attends the funeral.” I said, “Yes, I can do that if it is okay with you?” She said, “it is okay with me. I will let you know if that is what is going to happen. He just said, that you know the Music Department since you have worked there before.” I was flattered Jacob asked for me. He knows me!
After I spoke with Linda, I called Drew who took a personal day. I told him the news and he was happy for me and glad that Jacob knew he could count on me. I felt the same way.
Throughout the morning, I was wondering if I am going to get to go over to Music or not. Well it turns out that they didn’t need me to cover. They had someone in the building who could cover while the others went to the funeral. I was bummed, but still it is good news to be known.
At one point, I called Paula and offered her my condolences. I felt so bad for her. Her daughter answered the phone and I gave her my sympathies, she was so nice. She said she would let her mom know that I called, what a crazy day!

Sociology Orientation

The day was finally upon us. I was hoping that I had all my stuff together. Yesterday, at 3pm, I realized that I forgot to give the Pizza place a day’s notice about lunch for today. I called them yesterday placed the order and it should be here by 12pm today we will see.
Around 9:30am, I went into the conference with Melanie to help her set up for today. I took the binders with me. For a minute there, we thought that no one was coming. I did take the holds off of two accounts, so perhaps maybe I should have done that, but they came to see me early, proactively and they already had their binders. I thought they weren’t coming.
Finally, they all showed up, except for Natalia. Natalia was due in tomorrow, but that is okay when she came to see me, I would lift her hold and give her, her binder. All will be well.
After Melanie, went over the binder, and the role she plays along with everyone else’s role. We were able to go into the conference room. I went to set up the conference room while Melanie was talking. I was worried the pizza wasn’t going to get here on time. At around 12:15pm, I got a phone call from the Pizza place and they were having trouble finding out office. I had to go outside and guide him up. It was annoying.
Everyone was excited when I walked into the conference room with the pizza. I set down the pizza and opened the boxes.  Everyone started grabbing slices left and right. I opened the salads and set the bread sticks on a plate. When everyone else got settled, I got a couple slices and sat down. We all went around the room and introduced ourselves and the various types of faculty and their studies. It was nice.
After the pizza lunch, we had part two of the orientation, Chris from the library was coming in to talk to us about what the library had to offer by means of research. It was very informative.
Around 3pm, I had to go to People Soft Financials training. I was hoping this was going to be how to use People Soft, not the financial part. When I finally found the conference room, and walked in they were just about to get started. However, I noticed a familiar face. It was the guy from Heinz Chapel that I met in the rain. The one that was telling me about the patients from Western Psych. He must have been hired on, in the position he was temping for. He looked at me, but wasn’t sure if he recognized me. You know that look like this person might be familiar, but I am not sure.
Well when the training got underway, it was about the financial side of Peoplesoft. I thought to myself, what? I don’t need access to this. I don’t deal with fiances, weird. What am I doing here? The first part wrapped up and then there was going to be second part, but he looked at the confused attendees and asked, “How many of you don’t think you need access to this?” I raised my hand and so did a few other people, including the man that I met in the rain. He said, “Alright well you can go if you want, but you have the packet that tells you how to do it, if you by chance do need it.”
So I left. I walked out into the hallway and so did the man from the rain. He turned to me and asked me if I was the girl who worked at Heinz Chapel? I said, “Yes, we met in the rain, congrats!” He said, “Thank you, but it’s not the position that I temped for.” I said, “Oh?” He said, “Yeah, it’s different, but sort of in the same department.” I said, “Very cool.” He said, “I knew you were that cute girl that I saw in the rain.” I smiled and said, “thank you.” I will admit I was flattered.  I know I shouldn’t be flirting but I was curious. It wasn’t like we had sex or kissed. It was just conversation. I didn’t even remember his name. I did hear him say his name in training. He congratulated me on my job and he asked how it was going. I told him it was going well there is so much to learn. I am just glad to be full-time at Pitt. He agreed.
When I arrived to the corner, he was going to wait for the bus and I was going to walk to my building. He was like well I will see you around then. I said, “Yea, see you around.” I walked away towards my building. I turned to look back at him. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did. He was watching me. I smiled and so did he. I turned my head and kept walking. I kept saying don’t turn around, but I did.
That evening, I went to the Dietrich Arts and Science’s Happy Hour on the roof top of the UClub. I sat with Gene, Jessica, Andrew from IT, and another IT guy. I saw Pam the woman that I interviewed with at Theatre Arts, and who didn’t offer me the position, because she didn’t like me. I went up and said hi to her. I want to be the bigger person. She was surprised to see me I think. I saw Pat from Heinz Chapel. She and I talked for a bit. I saw Amy Janocha, she gave me a hug and was glad to see me. I also talked to Jacob Bacharach, who I met on my interview at Theatre arts. He welcomed me into the Department and was glad to have me. I was so happy he knows who I am. Nancy eventually joined the Happy Hour. I stayed for awhile after she arrived, but I was ready to get home. It was such a long day.

Stacked with the Girls

For lunch today, Nicolette, Nancy, and I all went to Stacked.  Stacked is a burger restaurant in Oakland. I had never been there, but I always wanted to try it. Nancy couldn’t believe that I never been there before.
At lunch, we gossiped about the latest drama and that was that people were saying things about my tank top being too low. I knew it was probably a bit too low. It didn’t dawn on me until I left the house, that I probably should have worn a cami underneath it. I messed up, my bad. Nancy said 4 people came up to her and told her about it. I felt so bad. I don’t want to mess up this position. Nicollette thought it was petty. Nancy knew who it was. I think we all had a pretty good idea who it was.
After lunch, I went back to the office and prepped for tomorrow. Orientation was upon us. I was hoping that I would be ready. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.