My thoughts on Charlottesville, VA

When I first heard about what happened in Charlottesville, VA. It made me sick. I am so sick of the media. I am sick of the whining in this country, the bullshit. The cry rooms. I am sick of people thinking they need to be coddled, so I made a Facebook status. I never really like to post anything on Facebook that has to do with politics, because I am a republican; the few and the proud. Also, I just don’t want to get into it with anyone, because it never does any good, but I did post something. I said something to the effect that I am saddened by what happened in Charlottesville, VA. The statue should have stayed. I am a nationalist that is for Historical preservation. I stand by America and the history of our country, the good, the bad, the ugly. I put an American flag emoji and peace sign.
Throughout the evening, Andrew and I monitored the coverage on Fox News, and on CNN. Sometimes it is interesting to see what the other side is saying, but the media is terrible on both sides. Basically, if you are a nationalist then it’s bad thing, and that makes you a white supremacist. Not true at all. They are not the same thing. The media wants the fight to ensue and continue on and on between both sides.

However, the way I understand the protest is this; the announcement was made to the public in Charlottesville that the statue of Robert E Lee would be taken down on such and such a date. Okay, so the people, who are not for this came together to protest. Now not all these people were not the Ult-Right People, or white supremacists. They were Americans exercising their first Amendment rights. However, when you make something widely known, like a planned protest, and you open it up to the public be prepared for the extremists to start wanting to be involved in an extreme way. Now I am not saying don’t protest because then the extremists will get wind and do extreme things. I am saying that if you are planning to protest then be prepared for all that comes with it.

On the topic of the statue, yes Robert E Lee was a southerner who fought to keep the southern ideals a live, and one of them was slavery. Now slavery in any form is wrong. I am not condoning slavery. Slavery is part of history, not just here, but in the United Kingdom, as well. We can go all the way back to the Egyptians and tombs. Slaves built the pyramids, but yet they still stand? We cannot erase history no matter how painful it is. The holocaust was a terrible event that occurred, but yet we still have museum dedicated to the holocaust and it is a call to action and a symbol of what can happen if we let hate consume our minds. You can’t just go shutting down museums like the holocaust museum, and tearing down statues, just because they make YOU feel uncomfortable. I am sorry, but don’t look at them, and if they make YOU feel uncomfortable, then move, don’t look at them, or strive to become better than the man on the statue, or the man and men behind the holocaust.

America has such a long way to go. We are country of whiners, and cry babies. It is sad. We used to be so bad ass, now we are a joke to so many people. As a nation, we need to wake up. We are going to rot from the inside out. How can we become a better nation? If we can’t keep it together in our states?

Hair Appt

This morning I had a 10am hair appointment, but I was moving so slow. I couldn’t wait to get my hair done, but I had no energy. When I got to the salon, I was right behind Leanne. She and I talked for a bit, before Kim started on my hair. She asked if we were doing the same thing, and I said, yes please, I loved it. My roots are a little darker at the top, but everything else is light blonde. It is like an ombre, but not really.
While I was in the chair, I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation last night at dinner, about how my father-in-law wanted to celebrate Aunt Tootsie’s 90th birthday on October 28th? I said, Oh well that is the same day as my birthday party here. He said, “it is Aunt Tootsie’s 90th.” I said, “Yeah, which we just found out about. I have been planning my brithday for atleast 6 months. It is to coincide with the Cafe’s Halloween party.” Why do I even talk? No one seems to listen when I say things. He said, If her family can’t come up to see her, maybe Uncle Steve and I can buy her a plane ticket, and you can take her to Florida with you.” I said, “oh well the whole point of us going to Florida over Christmas is to get away as a couple. We actually were talking about nixing the idea of Florida, since we are probably going to Europe next year and going sking.” He just gave us a look.  I love Aunt Tootsie, but there is no way I am taking Aunt Tootsie on our trip to Florida if that is what we decide to do. We haven’t even made definite plans yet. I was just so annoyed and so pissed off. Like, who does he think he is? You cannot tell us what to do with our trip.
As I was getting my hair colored, I texted his mom and told her how I felt about the conversation last night, and she said, “you know how dad gets when is tired, and if you just see if her family can come up, then that will be enough. We want you to do the nice vacations you planned alone, while you still can, before kids come.” I knew she would be understanding, and that is how she truly felt, and I know she has away of communicating with the Tom.
While I was waiting for the color to take on my hair, I talked to Lynn and Leanne. Lynn is Leanne’s mom. She invited Drew and I to Jedi’s first Birthday party. It is sometime in September, on a Sunday. She is making a bunch of food on the grill at her and Joe’s place. I was glad she invited us, but I am not sure if I even want to go. I am not too crazy about Taylor. I just don’t see why we were invited, we aren’t close with them, but it was nice to be invited.
After my hair was washed, trimmed, and styled, I paid Kim and then left. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I met my parents’ at Eat n Park in Robinson for brunch. I had the biggest cup of coffee. They stopped serving lattes, but they still had the latte mugs, so I got a big cup of coffee, an omelette, two pieces of Italian bread toast, and hash browns. It was so yummy. I ate every bite.
After breakfast, I drove my mom to the dog groomers to meet my dad in Moon. I couldn’t wait to see my puppies. They look so good after they get groomed. I miss them so much. Louie let me hold him for awhile, he isn’t too crazy about being held, by anyone. My parents left to go back home, and I went back home to Drew.
When I walked in the door, he loved my hair and was glad to see me. We talked about the chiropractor, and the gym. He had a relaxing morning. We cleaned the house, and did some laundry. We planned to go to the pool tomorrow, so we wanted to get everything done today. We cleaned the basement a bit, and went through some things that we could get rid of. It was a productive day. We were able to finish the laundry, and the house was finally clean again.
In the afternoon, we went gorcery shopping, then came home and cooked dinner. I made stuffed peppers again, with salad and tomato caprese. While we ate dinner, we watched Fox News’ Coverage on what was happening in Charlottesville, Va.





This morning I had a dentist appointment, and I was so glad that I got to sleep in a little bit longer. The past couple nights I have been sleeping with my Fitbit on and setting the silent alarm. It will vibrate, until I wake up. I love it. I like it so much better than the alarm on my phone. I think it is a nicer way to wake up, instead of just a crazy alarm sound.
After I got a shower and got dressed. I packed up my stuff, and grabbed some pizza out of the fridge. I was a little apprehensive about my Dentist appointment this morning, and then having to go to work after. I was hoping maybe the day would fly by. When I left teh house, I called my mom and talked to her for a bit. When I arrived to the Dentist, I was 10 mins early. I put on a little make up, once I parked the car, then I walked inside.
After about 5 mins, they called me back. I sat in the chair, and she put a bib on me. Then I told her about my enamel and how it chipped a little. It is somewhat noticeable and perhaps they could put some bonding on, like my other dentist used to do. He would do without question. She said, that I would have to make another appointment for that. I miss old dentist so much. He never submitted it, he just did it. I guess we were like family to him.
After my cleaning, the Dentist came in and he checked my mouth and told me that everything looks good, and that he could put some bonding in there during my next appointment. He also wanted me to schedule a consult for MTM to see if I am a candidate for that. MTM is a cheaper solution to 6 month smiles. I thought about 6 month smiles, but it is so much money, and I just feel like braces are not an option for me. My teeth are somewhat straight. I just have a little crowding in the front on the bottom. I think this Dentist wishes I could lay golden egg for him.
After my appointment, I went to Peace Love and Little Donuts. I bought 3 donuts; flinstone, chocolate chip one, and a razzle dazzle. I knew Drew would probably want the Chocolate Chip one, but he wanted the Pitt Panther. I guess the only Pitt Panther they knew about was a cake donut with blue and gold sprinkles. I thought it was something to do with chocolate, so I knew Drew probably wouldn’t want it (I ended up getting the wrong one. He wanted the sprinkles, which was surprising.) I also purchased a caramel latte with fat free milk. I haven’t had my coffee yet.
Once I got to the bus stop in Robinson, I ate my razzle dazzle donut, and then asked Drew when the next bus was coming, because the app never works for me. He says that one just drove by while I was on my way, and it might be better to drive in, so I went back to the car and got gas in Greentree. He said, if we are on the way home and get stuck in traffic, it might be cutting it pretty close on only a quarter tank. I texted Phyllis and told her I was driving in.
After I got on the parkway, I was bumper to bumper before the tunnels, but smooth sailing to Oakland. I parked in Sennott Square, and then walked into my building. Drew was going to come to my building to get his donut that I got for him at lunch time. Phyllis saw my box of donuts and I asked if she wanted one. She said, “Yea who wouldn’t pass up donuts?!” I said, “True.” I grabbed the box and showed her the two that I had in there. She picked the chocolate one. I knew it!
When I got back to my office, I told Drew. He said, he was okay it didn’t matter. I said I figured since she let me go to the appointment and I was kind of late getting back here. He understood. I am glad he is so chill. When he came by, I gave him the donut and then we talked for a bit. I introduced him to Linda. It was nice.
When he left, I was hoping the day would fly by. I heated up my pizza and ate it, now I am not sure what is going on. I am ready for the day to be over. It is not all that eventful around here yet. I am ready to go home. Tonight, we are going to the cafe with his parents for the Preseason Steelers’ Game. I am so excited to just drink some beer and chill.


This morning, I got up got showered, and got ready to go to my parents. Drew was going to go to the gym and he had some work to do on the computer. When I got to Crafton, I got to see my dogs. I missed them so much. We all got in my dad’s car, and we went to Robinson, and did some shopping. We went to Ross and I got two tops there for work, then to Kohl’s and I got two tops, two bottoms, and pair of neutral heels. My mom and dad spoil me.
After Kohl’s, we went to eat lunch at Eat n Park. I really wasn’t all that hungry, but I ate soup and hung out with my parents. I always like when I can see them. I miss them sometimes, other times I am glad I don’t live at home anymore. I really do miss my dogs though.
After Eat n Park, we went back to the house and I cuddled my dogs for a bit before I left. I had to get home and finish the laundry, and Drew planned on grilling for dinner. When I got home, Drew fired up the grill, we went through the mail, and I cleaned and did some laundry. I really need to clean the house top to bottom. Maybe next weekend.

Tricia’s Baby Shower

This morning I got up around 8:00am. Drew was going to make me breakfast, before I left to go to the shower. I still had to stop and get tissue paper. I was slow moving, getting ready for the shower. I was happy for Tricia, but I just wanted to chill all day.
When I arrived at the venue, it was out in Beaver County like New Brighton, PA. I didn’t think it was that far of a drive, from where we live. I arrived like 15 mins early. I hesitated going in, so early but I wanted to get a good seat and chit chat with Tricia.
When I walked in, I gave her a big hug and asked to touch her belly. She looks so cute. You can’t even tell she is pregnant from behind, but when she turns around she is all belly.  I put my gifts on the table, and said Hi to her sister, and I got hold Frankie. Frankie is Tricia’s neice. She is 1, so adorable and still so chunky. She was fascinated by the beads on my necklace, and kept putting them in her mouth. I didn’t care.
Lunch was so good. It was a chicken or steak salad. They went around and asked us what dressing we wanted on our salad. I almost ate the whole thing. Tricia sat next to me, and on the other side of me was Ben’s Grandma. Across from Tricia and I was Ben’s mom. I was glad Tricia sat next to me. I really didn’t know too many people there. Some people looked familiar from her wedding and her bridal shower.
As Tricia opened the gifts, I was helping to organize them. As I watched her open her gifts, I couldn’t help but wonder was I next? Was I next to have a baby, and a baby shower? Tricia and Ben got married two months before we did. Her shower was before mine, and I won a prize at the shower, but am I next? I have mixed feelings good and bad. I feel as though I would be ready, but it’s a huge step in life to have children. I just want everything to line up, just so. I am looking forward to it though.
After I left the baby shower, I went to meet Drew at Grandma’s. I hadn’t seen her since Stephanie and Mike’s wedding. She was so happy to have Drew there. I know we need to see her more. We hung out with her for a bit, and caught up on our gossip. Then, we went back to our house. We did some laundry, and then went grocery shopping. I had to figure out what we were going to make for dinner. I was still pretty full from lunch. We decided on stuffed peppers.
When we got home, I started making the stuffed peppers, preheated the oven, and then made tomato caprese with a spinach salad. We were going to eat so well tonight. That evening, we just relaxed and watched some television until it was time to go to bed.

Sushi Date Night

After we picked up my car in Crafton, we went home and got ready to go to dinner. We wanted to go out to eat, but just weren’t sure were. We decided on sushi. There is this little place in Sewickley, called Slippery Mermaid. We took my mom there last mother’s day, and we have been there once before on a date, and it is so good!
When we got home, I got freshened up and put a dress on and some heels. I wanted to feel like a lady. He changed his clothes as well, and then we were out the door. The wait was about 45-mins, so we stood at the bar in hopes that someone would leave and we could just eat at the bar. It was so nice to get out and go on a date together. I feel like it is been awhile, since we did this.
Right before we went to order our second drink, the hostess called our name and our table was ready! When we were seated, I set my purse on the table and went to the rest room. I came back to the table, and Drew was talking to the couple at the table behind us, and I turned to see who he was talking to and it was a kid I went to grade school with. He was there with his wife, mother-in-law, and baby. I said, Hi to Kevin. It has been a long time since I saw him. I introduced myself to his wife, and said hi to his mother-in-law. His son Carter, who I think is 2. He is adorable. He came right up to me and sat on my lap. I love little kids, but I also like when I can give them back. We all talked for awhile, then when they left we ordered another drink, and some edamame beans to start.
When we placed our sushi order, we decided to split three rolls. Then as we started eating the sushi, we realized we could probably do one more roll. We got another roll and split it. We weren’t disgustingly full, but definitely satisfied, that is the thing about sushi. I feel like if we had one more roll, we would have been disgustingly full. When we got home, we changed and watched All in the Family. We were in bed by 10pm.

Pitt Police: Active Killer Training

This morning from 9am-1pm, I attended a Pitt Police training for how to survive in the situation of an Active Killer. It used to be titled, Active Shooter, but they changed the title to Active Killer. A person with knives, guns, bombs, and IEDS is considered an active killer. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Prior to the training, we had to sign waivers, so we wouldn’t sue the university if we were injured. I was reading through the material, and it had some crazy stuff in it, like all the things we couldn’t do or wear, etc.

Walking into training this morning, a group of us were going; me, Nicolette, Phyllis, and Lindsay. The training was held in Sennott Square. We started out in a conference room. Sgt, Debrosky led the PowerPoint presentation. He discussed what exactly is an active shooter, and the history of shootings in America, that involved an active shooter, or shooters. Columbine was discussed, same with Virginia Tech, as well as Pulse Night Club, etc.

At the end of the presentation, we were able to learn some self defense tactics.  They cleared the space on the floor, and they showed us how to stand in a fighting stance, how to jab, get down low using our hips, and use our elbows. Lastly, they taught us to grab the punching bag and knee kick three times. The entire time we had to stay verbal. It will help with tactical breathing. So every time we jabbed we had to say one, two. Then when we got down low, one, two. Lastly, back up to grab the bag at the top, and shout one, two. They told us to do it slow and robotically, it will be important, if we ever are in a situation to stay focused and calm.

After we learned to fight, they told us how to disarm the gun man, as he enters the room from the side, so say he enters the room, you will be standing by the door way, hidden from view, until you see the mussel of the gun. Then you grab the gun with your hands, making sure your left hand is on the gun, and your right hand is up and out over the shooters arm, grabbing your left wrist, engage your shoulder into the gun man’s arm, and use your hips to push against him, this will make him drop his arm that is shooting the gun, and shoot the ground. While one person is doing this, the other is to attack the gun man using jabs, or elbow shots. Whatever it takes to get the man to let go of the gun. If you were to get a hold of the gun, you have to make the choice to shoot him, or keep beating him so he stays down. If you decide to shoot, you shoot him, and then toss the gun, and keep your hands up, so the police know you are not the active shooter.

After we learned how to disarm the gun man, we broke into groups and the officer explained the last part of the session. The last part of the session would be to use what we have learned, and be in a stimulated environment where there is actual gun shots. It is a cap gun, but the smell would be real and so would the sound. He said that we didn’t have to participate in this session, if we didn’t want to then we would have to wait by the elevators. I was so pumped and nervous. Since the training was taking place in the Dean’s office, we decided to go to the conference room. We didn’t want to take away from their experience, so everyone from Posvar went into the conference room. We are all sitting around the table, waiting for this to start. No one is giving us any ideas as to when the gun fire will actually start, so we are trying to talk about anything we can, and whatever we can. Officer Scott goes into the bathroom to change, and then he starts walking down the hall. Nicollete and I were the first to see him. She gets up and shuts the door. I said, “wait we aren’t supposed to know it is him.” I open the door. When I opened the door, he walked into where the offices were and said, “Where is the boss?” Then he starts shooting. I shut the door again, and we barricaded the door. and shut the lights off. We stood behind one, another. The entire time we could hear the gun fire going off, and it was definitely an unnerving experience. Hearing that noise, and trying to think about how the people of columbine must have felt, and or Virginia Tech. It is very saddening and scary.

After what seemed like 10 minutes, the officer said, “Session Cold”, which meant we could leave the room. We flipped on the lights, put the chairs back and opened the door. We went back into the office, and it had this smell of gun powder. We all discussed how we felt hearing the gun fire, and we all talked about what he was wearing, and we all had different stories about what he was wearing. It was interesting how one person’s view point is different, than the other and then that concluded the training. I was so glad we went. Officer Scott came back to Posvar with us, and he went to our offices, and gave us tips on what to do, if something were to happen, and how to keep our office safe.

When he checked out my office, he noticed that I had an entry to Dan’s office. He said, to barricade my door, and then go into Dan’s office, and lock the door, barricade that one and I should be good. He also said, it would probably take awhile for us to find you, but you would definitely survive. I was glad to hear that.

After the officer left, I thanked him for the training session and then I went to Panera to get soup and cookie. I was so hungry. I am so glad I went to that training and I learned a little bit of self defense. I hope I never have to use it. When I was on my way to Panera, I called my mom and told her about the training. She wants me to show her what I learned. I definitely want to pass it on. I am now interested in self defense!

When I got back to my office, I ate my lunch and then went to go see Drew. I gave him the rest of my cookie, and showed him my moves. He laughed so hard. He isn’t used to me fighting and taking jabs and knowing self defense. I told him about the training and then I left. I needed to get back. I didn’t tell the girls where I was going, so I couldn’t be gone long.

When I got back to the office, I didn’t get anything done today. Maybe tomorrow? I am glad tomorrow is Friday, that training really took up all my day. It was so worth it. After work today, I have to go drop my car off at Dan’s Auto body. His new shop is located in South park, Drew is following me there and taking me home after. Hopefully the inspection won’t cost too much. I am ready for the weekend. Thank God tomorrow is Friday.

I dedicate this post to all who lives were taken by active shooters. My thoughts are with you. I cannot imagine what you went through and how scared you were. Yes, we only participated in simulation, but you have all been through the real thing, and it must have been horrifying. I can’t imagine it. I tried to put myself in your shoes today and spare a thought for you, as I heard the bullets. I will fight for you. If I have to ever use these skills, I promise to fight for you.